About Us

    Hello friend! A few years back me and a few friends starting smoking weed just to try it. We learned fast how fun it on top of all its awesome medicinal values. It was a great way to bond with friends and even make new ones. My friends and I did so much research on marijuana when we first started and were amazed by all the fantastic uses for it.

    We started talking on how we can add to the enjoyment of smoking. One day a friend came to me and asked me if I knew any ways to get rid of the smell. I searched the internet for ways around this lingering smell that is quite unpleasant for people that do not smoke it. I found that there were very few ways to eliminate the odor without using another odor to mask it such as a aerosol spray or toxic scented candles or unnatural incense. So I did some research of what are the best essential oils to use to actually eliminate the smell of marijuana. So bought a bunch of oils and starting mixing them like a mad chemist until I found the best formula. My friends and I were so surprised how well it worked. It changed our entire experience of smoking. No more paranoia if someone smelt us, no worry of our loved ones being grossed out by the smoke smell in our house, no more worry of our cars stinking. It was awesome, and the best part it was 100% natural, safe and effective. 

   Now a few years later after all my friends told me I must. We have our own labels even some professional photography. We are so proud of how our product came out and we hope all that purchase has an awesome experience with it. Thank you so much for listing to our Story!